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70s Vibe


So…. What I’ve noticed recently is how this 70’s trend is really starting to come back. I’m sure you’ve all seen that flares are definately back, along with suede, fringing and of course, skinny scarves. I for one am all for this trend, I absolutely love it. I’m always finding inspiration for my outfits from Vintage clothing, especially the 70s. I’ve always been a fan of flares. They’re just so fab.

Anyways, I found this tie at home and realised that it looked exactly the same as a skinny scarf I had my eyes on from Asos. Thought i’d give it a go, and paired it with a grey top and some denim shorts. I actually love the pattern against the grey top and shorts, let me know what you think!

You can buy skinny scarves from Asos, Here

Lots of love, emily XO

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