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One year on

Hi guys, i just want to start off by saying that Christmas Day was my blog’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! Woo! So thankyou to anyone who has ever read my blog, follows me on social media and to all the lovely people who have given me such lovely comments! I really have loved this past year, i’ve had such cool oppurtunities and worked with some really cool brands and amazing people šŸ™‚



Anyways, basically i wanted to write this post because i’ve been thinking alot recently about this past year, obviously with New Years having been and gone I was thinking a bit about resolutions and this new year, and I still am to be honest. It’s quite crazy that my new year’s resolutions of last year were to set up a blog, go to my first event, get out and meet some new people and i can honestly say i’ve done this and so much more!





All in all, for this year, it’s going to be quite a crazy one as i finish school completely, start Uni (moving to new CITY (I’ve always lived in the countryside) with completely new people who are currently strangers to meĀ EEP), go on a girls holiday and also GET MY BRACES OFF! So with all of this going on, alot of things are going to change this year, it’s going to be very crazy and hectic, and basically.. i believe that with a bit more hard work, anything is possible this year! For next Christmas, i would love to look back on 2016 and think wow.. what a year!






I know it’s a bit late but I wish you allĀ the best for 2016! If you work hard enough, anything is possible!!!!

What are some of your new year’s resolutions?

Lots of love, Emily xxx

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