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Blazer Life

Hi Guys and welcome back to my blogggggg (or welcome to my blog if this is your first time reading it)….



So I have wanted to do a post wearing an outfit like this for SOOOO long… I have lusted after a blazer dress for like, months. I hadn’t found the perfect one online as they all looked slightly baggy or tacky (and that’s rare for me to say, I do actually own a lot of tacky clothing. lols. )


But thenn…. I stumbled across the cutest little charity shop whilst shopping with my mum and the first thing I spotted was this gorgeoussssss blazer. To be honest I don’t think it’s meant to be a blazer dress, just a blazer, but I can turn it into a dress right?


I also managed to pick up another beaut blazer from the same shop aswell as a pair of gloves and only spend £6.50 for the whole lot!!!! Crazy, I know! I always walk out of charity shops with my bag full of gorgeousness and feel so happy with myself. I’m the queen of bargains.


Hope you love this outfit! I know I will be wearing this blazer quite a lot in the next few months!

Lots of love, Emily xxx


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