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Brighton Blues


Some of you may know from my Instagram that I went on a little girls holiday last weekend to Brighton, it was so much fun!

The first night we arrived we of course had to go to the pier. If you’re ever in Brighton make sure you go to the pier, the rides are so fun and you’ve also got food stalls/ toilets there etc, so everything’s there for you! We also went to the beach, went shopping (of course) and out for dinner. I’ve been to Brighton a few times now and I must say it really is one of my favourite places. Just the fact that it’s right by the sea makes it so much better. There is also alot of shopping areas with shops such as MAC, h&m, Zara etc, that of course you have to have a look around, you can never have enough Mac makeup!

I stayed for the weekend with a few friends in The Premier Inn and it was fab! The premier inn in Brighton is just a five minute walk from the beach, also the shopping areas and it’s also got a Subway right nextdoor which is what everyone needs after a long day of shopping!

The nightlife in Brighton is also a main attraction, everywhere is so lively. If you are to book a weekend away in England this summer I would definitely recommend Brighton as I had so much fun!

Emily x

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