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Cambridge Strolling// Blue Vanilla



How fab is this sleeveless jacket?! I find that with sleeveless jackets they are so easy to style up for an everyday casual look, but stick on a pair of jeans and heels you’ve also got the perfect dressy outfit! I think we’ve all had that day when we’ve wrongly guessed the weather. We’ve all been out in a jacket and it’s been to hot, or gone out without a jacket thinking it’ll surely warm up, and when it doesn’t your stuck in a nearby library crouching down on the floor by the heater trying to warm up, whilst pretending to read a book (yes, my friends and I have done this).

I thought for this more casual look, it was the perfect opportunity to stroll around in my TKMaxx boots which i loooooove! I haven’t actually had a chance to properly wear them out much, so it felt good to stroll around Cambridge in these beauts!

This jacket is from Blue Vanilla, a cool brand that I would definitely check out, the clothing is so cute and pretty!

Hope you love this outfit,

Lots of love,

Emily xo

 You can buy this jacket here


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