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Coconut Lovin’



As you can probably tell from my blog and social media.. i have a thing for hair. Whether i am dying it, cutting it, or even curling it, I try to use as little heat and chemicals as possible. Even though I die my hair about every  6 weeks, I still try to keep as many chemicals/ as much heat off my hair as it can ruin it. I’ve always wanted long, thick, curly hair and I finally have it so want to keep it in the best condition as possible.. so it stays like this!!

When I was approached by the lovely people from Cocan I was so happy to recieve some coconut oil as I have heard wonders about it! Apparently it could make your hair shinier and more healthy which was exactly what I wanted! Even after the first go of putting it on my hair, I noticed how much healthier and thicker it felt.. I will definately be purchasing more when it runs out!

On work days especially, I love to go all natural and wear minimal makeup to try and keep my skin clean and healthy. If you use moisturizer like I do, you can also replace this with coconut oil to hydrate your skin, I’ve noticed a little bit can go a long way!

Medical professionals found coconut oil heals damaged skin as it enriches and cleanses your skin, as well as making your teeth whiter, improves your gum and teeth health! Who knew that this jar of oil could go such a long way…

And then when I told my mum she also mentioned how she was SO jealous and wanted it to do some cooking with, so on top of cleansing and enriching your skin/ hair/ teeth, coconut oil can also be used to help with weight loss! After doing some research on weight loss, it’s recommended to take coconut oil with hot water/ herbal tea 20 minutes before your dinner to reduce your appetite, which will leave you more satisfied with smaller portions.

I’ve also heard that Coconut oil can really help with Acne, if you mix some baking soda in with it, you can produce a gentle exfoliating scrub!

If you’re wondering what it is in coconut oil, Cocan use 100% natural raw coconut. The natural way is definitely the best way! If you want to learn more about Cocan and their aims for their future then visit their website Cocan.co

To buy some coconut oil click here


I love sharing beauty tips and promoting healthy options to a healthier lifestyle, hope you have learned a little more about coconut oil and it’s benefits!

Emily xo



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