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I’ve really started to become a fan of watches recently. I find that they make ¬†any outfit look so much more classy and make me feel more smart and sophisticated, especially when i’m going out, it can also add a pop of glam to my outfit. As the 70s trend is coming back into fashion, this style of watch is definitely becoming more popular. I see so many girls out and about wearing this style, adding that little bit of retro vibe into their look. I decided to pair it with my off-the-shoulder top to add some quirkiness to the outfit. For me, I love wearing odd rings, bracelets, and as you can tell, I love to keep my wristbands from festivals/ days out on so that I can look at my wrist which reminds me of Summer. This watch is quite quirky and fun so fits perfectly in with any combination of jewelry, due to it being silver.

After receiving my last watch from House of Watches I’ve been so impressed with the look and quality of it, so was very happy to receive this one! I’m a fan of House of Watches as their watches are much better value for money than others on the high street at the moment. Anyone who looks for a decent watch will know you have to spend a good few hundred for a watch, however I’ve been very pleased with my watch from House of Watches, with no need to spend as much money. I know that in future i will definitely be purchasing from there as watches are defo becoming my new thang! They’ve got a wide variety of mens/ womens watches so I’d recommend taking a look, a perfect little prezzie for a loved one. X

You can buy this watch here

Hope you liked this post, lots of love

Emily xo



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