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House of Watches


So a few days ago I got a fabulous delivery from House of Watches..

I’ve been looking for a black-strapped watch for AGES but could never find one that looks nice on my wrist.. I wanted it to look classy yet cool and trendy so of course I was delighted when this gorgeous watch came through the post!

It’s got a black strap and silver face which makes it look simple yet sophisticated, every girls dream watch! Due to it being simple it meant it was so easy to style up, I decided to add a few silver/ glittery bangles to make it stand out, and of course it went well with my black wristband from Wireless- due to it being such a fab day it will not be leaving my wrist anytime soon!

I styled this up for my day out in Cambridge yesterday, and thought I’d add in some pics from my day.. We stopped off for lunch in a little fabulous restaurant in the centre of the town, and I just had to take a picture of my lunch… How HUGE is that steak pie?! So yum!

Even though it was jam-packed in Cambridge, I of course still managed to get some shopping done, that I will definitely be blogging in the next few week so keep an eye out!

Hope you love this watch, you can get it here!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend!

Lots of love,

Emily xo



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