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How to Stand Out/ Wear What You Like


Soo recently I’ve noticed a lot of people tell me that they LOVE an outfit on someone else however they don’t believe that they can ‘pull it off’ or they ask me how I have the guts to wear an outfit which to me is so bizarre..


I’ve always been one to wear what I want and not have a care in the world, however only recently realised some people don’t feel like they can do that..


I think this is where my creative side comes into play, especially when I have random nights going through my dad’s wardrobe and picking out a shirt, trying it on backwards and just going with it. Just cos I can.



It then got me thinking of how ridiculous people must have thought I looked, or how none of my friends (literally none) would dare to wear their dad’s top out. Tbh, I really don’t care, at Reading Festival I remember I wore a lot of (both) my parents old outfits, I just love the vintage look.


So it got me thinking about why I wear these things and how some people wouldn’t have the confidence to wear random things. And that’s when I realised, it’s all about confidence. I’m not the most confident person in the world, but one thing I do know, confidence is key. I always remember before one of my friend’s parties I had this amazing outfit planned. The top was multi coloured, backless and a skirt was to match, I was so excited to wear it. Before the party I was getting ready with friends and of course 5 minutes before we left I did the usual ‘do I look ok’ at all my mates, yet this time.. it wasn’t the reassuring nod and ‘yes you look gorge’ it was the heads down, ‘I’ve had one glass of wine and I’m ready to tell you I don’t like your outfit’ kind of look. I was so close to getting changed into my backup dress until I took a moment to think about it. I had that outfit for weeks on end, planned my hair and makeup to match.. and I was going to get changed because of the opinion of a few girls who had a complete different dress sense to me anyway.. DSC_2042

This was when I realised that confidence is key. I could either get changed and go to the party in an outfit that wasn’t me, or I could have another glass of wine and strut downstairs in my oh so fabulous outfit.

Of course I had the wine and went.

Long story short.. I kept the outfit on, wore what I wanted and had a fab night. If you love your outfit/hair/makeup then show it, and other people will love it too. X




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