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Hiya, so as you will all know from my post a few weeks ago introducing you all to INTERLACED I’m sure some of you are getting excited for the event in September, I sure am!

Fashion has always been something that I’ve been interested in and passionate about, I love experimenting with different looks and styles, so to come across INTERLACED and be introduced to a whole new world of fashion-tech was very exciting. I’ve always loved the thought of wearing skirts that light up, or shoes that play music, and with the rise of wearable technology this seems more possible!



If you think about it fashion-tech is naturally the next step forward. We’ve all grown up with technology, it has evolved so much in the space of a few years, it’s capabilities are out of this world! In my opinion fashion-tech is what I see for the future. The future has already started, wearable technology is briefly emerging but hasn’t yet had the exposure it deserves! For example Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk designed a coat that turns you into a mappable hotspot due to copper wires enabling WiFi, GPS NFC and Bluetooth and also MP3 streaming- how amazing does that sound?! This is the future of fashion, the future of us. As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion changes. but style endures”. The face of fashion is always changing, and fashion-tech is part of this. It is kind of like a new trend that we are ahead of the game in, that you guys can also be ahead of the game in!


INTERLACED is a great platform for connecting the fashion world with tech, inspiring fashion-tech to grow and evolve. As I’ve mentioned before, their event in September brings together professionals, students and researchers to get involved and join the fashion-tech journey.


I for one am SO excited for the event, to learn more about fashion-tech and where it is leading and to also be inspired by the future of wearable technology!

The event is held on Thursday 3rd September at the Old Truman Brewary, The Boiler House in London, I’ve heard it’s an amazing venue!


Early bird tickets are on sale now WOO! If I were you I’d get them now whilst their cheaper, students are only £25! here! Get your tickets here

All details of the event can be found on their website INTERLACED, along with their social media accounts @weareinterlaced where they will keep you all up to date with preparations for the event/ what they’re up to!

Hope to see you all there, make sure you come and say hi!

Emily x


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