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Hey guys, a bit of a different post today… but a very interesting one!

I don’t think it can be denied that fashion has a massive part in everyone’s lives. Even if you’re not into fashion, it’s still fascinating to look at other people’s fashion and be inspired by their creativity. The impact is has had on people and our everyday lives in undeniable..


Now ask yourself this, technology has also taken over the world… why haven’t these two important things in everyday life merged yet? This is where Interlaced come in to play. Interlaced is a new and upcoming platform connecting people with the rise of wearable technology.  To many people the idea of wearing technology seems future-like and too confusing, however when you think of how far technology has come, it seems strange for the fashion world not to evolve alongside technology. Interlaced is for people to be educated on this new and exciting wave of fashion. You can all get involved, share ideas and be inspired!


On 3rd September Interlaced are hosting their first event in London involving debates, talks and a fashion show! If you’re interested in this exciting new wave of fashion that I’m sure will emerge and become very popular in the world of fashion, then make sure you follow the Interlaced journey, I will link their website and social media below! Get Involved Here

Early bird tickets have been released so get them Here whilst they last!

Students – get your reduced rate tickets that won’t break the bank
General – a limited amount of special rate tickets for all fashion tech enthusiasts
Friends of INTERLACED – special tickets for those of you who believe in the mission of INTERLACED. Psst! They come with a printed copy of our post-event report packed with tons of analysis and inspiration

Interlaced Website: Here


Follow INTERLACED on social media:


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #INTERLACED2015

Hope to see you all at the event in September!

Emily x



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