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SO, it’s currently 22:58 on Sunday 25th Feb and as I was trying to get to sleep, I started to think about my blog. I haven’t actually thought about my blog in a while, and kind of neglected it as I’ve been very active on YouTube recently (Emily Tuttle on Youtube)

I’ve absolutely loved getting back into YouTube, it’s just so fun getting to sit down and talk about everything I love, and I’m starting to get more creative with my content which is great. However, I miss my blog! This blog was my pride and joy; it really was my life when I was 17.

It enabled me to work with brands such as Boux Avenue, meet celebs like Michelle Keegan and I even met Sarah Ashcroft at an event I went to with Lipsy London.

This was all so exciting to me, and this blog really was my secret little getaway from life’s problems. I would just jump on my laptop and write up a blog post and add all my cute lil outfit posts onto a blog page and feel so happy and content.

In a video I did called ‘Self Love’ on YouTube I spoke about how important it is to follow your passions and writing, fashion and photography really and truly is my passion.

So starting from tomorrow, I have decided that every Sunday I will sit down and write up a blog post. (well, I’m going to try) I want to get back into the swing of producing content and even though it may be easier to produce a YouTube Video where I don’t need any help (with my blog posts I need people to take outfit post and this isn’t always possible!!)

I’m really going to try to be consistent, produce content I love and not just focus on my YouTube- as my blog was where the name emfash all came from!!!

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will get planning for my next blog post!! Exciting!! Lots of love, Emily xxx

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