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Lace up heaven



I think this is one of my favourite posts yet.. I’m just so in love with these Ego Official heels! I’m not usually one to wear pastel/ light colours as I always have to incorporate my pop of colour, however when I received this Celeb Look jacket in the post.. it seemed unnatural not to wear it a bit differently. So I chose to spice it up a bit and wear it as a dress-kinda-thing (Looks like a dress- but wearing shorts underneath)

Anyway, these heels though…. Ugh amazing. There’s no denying that lace up heels have made an entrance into the fashion world and I’m 100% sure wont be leaving for a while! These gorgeous ones are perfect for summer due to the open-ness and the bright blue¬†colour.. and also perfect for this post as you guys will all know I’m never satisfied without my pop¬† of colour.

Hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do!

Lots of lovin’

Emily xo

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