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Little red dress


Sooooo, let’s talk about THIS dress.

I don’t even know where to start, I love everything about this dress. The detailing, the cut, the length, colour…


There’s just something about it that makes me feel like the dancing girl emoji, which makes you feel that little bit more sassy!


I am always one to plan my outfits to go out weeks in advance because I always know that when it comes to the night, I will freak and nothing will look right. I’m so glad I now have this to throw on as I know it will look fab for any occasion! My sister has already told me she’s ‘shotgunned’ it for the next party..


With this dress I’ve found that I could wear it to a party, a club or even a ball. The long back makes it perfect for a glam ball, however the cut at the front and ruffle detailing means you could get away with it at a party, or a night out with the girls!

I decided to pair it with my mum’s cute vintage belt and my trusty Miss Selfridge heels for a red/black combo, perfect for a glam night out!



I never thought I’d suit this style of dress as I usually go for mini dresses but I thought I’d give it a shot and so far so good! The ruffle detailing and cut of the dress accentuates your features, which is what we all want out of a dress, am I right?!


The dress is from Vestry, there are so many other pieces on the website that I adore, I would definitely recommend checking them out, everything looks so chic. I’m especially loving the bodycon dresses!

Hope you love this outfit! You can shop it here. XO

Lots of love

Emily x


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