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Making Mistakes// Jumping Into Spring


Hope you guys like this outfit. It’s a cute little Spring/ Summer outfit i put together. Shorts are from Luxemme. Top, Blazer, Gillet and Accessories are from Primark.


Life is going sooooo fast at the moment, i literally can’t keep up! One minute i’m out with my friends and the next i’m booking accommodation for Uni next year! Ahhh. Scary sh**.

With all of these changes going on and the growing up i’ve had to do this year, i’ve definitely had a few changes in my mindset that come along with it..

A year ago, or even a few months back, i would never have seen myself writing this post. I’ve always been the type of person to think ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ or of the mindset that people can’t change into a better person..

People in my life weren’t allowed to make mistakes because i believed they will just repeat it again and again. Which in a lot of cases, is correct.

All i understood was the issue at hand, the mistake the person was making. I never took time to look into the motive behind that, the reason as to why they were acting that way.


I would get so angry at friends who i could see making the wrong decisions.. i even started, more recently, getting angry at myself for doing things i knew wouldn’t benefit me in the long run, but i still did them, just because i wanted to?


I never looked deeper than the surface at people around me who were making mistakes.

I’ts not until recently that i’ve grown up a bit and got to know different people, that i’ve become so much more understanding.


Seeing people around me go through such hard times in their life and coping with it all in different ways has enabled me to look at other people’s actions and wonder what the origin of the issue is. A lot of the time when i see people slipping into bad habits or doing things out of character, it’s because of something else going on, and it’s their way of dealing with it.

I no longer look at people taking a different path to me as wrong, i just view it as their way of dealing with whatever they may be going through at this time.

We all have different coping strategies, and just because mine is slightly different to someone else’s doesn’t mean theirs is wrong.



We all need a bit of help at times, and i believe that people should take some time to understand the underlying issue of someone acting out of character, you never know how much one conversation may help them..

Hope you liked this post, i loved shooting this outfit and writing it.

Mwah. Em xxxxx


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