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Maxi Heaven


There’s nothing better than wearing a bright maxi dress that sways in the wind on the beach in 30 degree heat on holiday…. however I’m not going abroad this year so this field will have to do for now.

When your on holiday, I’m sure you can agree..  walking along the beach late at night with your cocktail, a good tan, and a flattering outfit, you feel on top of the world. There’s nothing better than being on holiday- when being in the sun and by the sea, looking your best is a must.

Even though I’m not going on holiday, I still love to have my summer outfits at their brightest and tan (fake, unfortunately) looking its best. Summer outfits scream for a pop of colour, and this outfit screams to be worn! I remember going abroad last year I took my bright orange maxi (you may have seen it last month in my Brighton post) and it was my staple piece for both holidays. Having a bright pop of colour packed in your suitcase, especially when it’s got glam detailing is definitely a must to pack! I mean, who doesn’t want to stand out on holiday?!

You can get this dress here

Hope you love this dress as much as I do! hope your all having fab summers- and holidays! I’m so jel 🙁

Lots of love

Emily xo


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