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On Location


So after months of revision and years of school life, I am now writing after ALL of my A Level exams are finished! I am so so happy and am so excited for the next chapter! (hopefully UNI!)




Anyways, I have a few months this summer before Uni to do as I please, so aswell as holidays and festivals, i will be spending alot of my time improving my blog/ Youtube channel!

Search ‘Emily Tuttle’ and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel as i will be uploading alot more in the next few weeks! XOXO



Anyways, i am in looooove with this outfit and location. I decided to stick on my mum’s trousers and blazer and pair it with my River Island top i have been dying to get on my blog, along with a pair of Primark Heels with the green detail- which are cute.



Hope you liked this post & have a fabulous week.

Em. X




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