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So last week my family and I travelled up to Plymouth for a few days and had such a fab time. There’s something about the seaside, even without a beach, that I just love. Late night walks along the seafront, views of all the yachts and of course pretty little cafes along the cobbled streets.


Whilst we were there we stayed in Premiere Inn which is our go to hotel for our family trips. The rooms are spacious, modern and tidy, and of course they guarantee that you have a great night sleep, which I did!




When I’m away with my family I love getting the opportunity to dress up and go for nice meals. I always find family holidays are when my sister and I go all out, dress up in ridiculously sized heels and fur jackets, which to our expense leads to many blisters the next morning. We went to the best French restaurant in the city of Plymouth,  the food was delicious and our table was right by the window, the view of the city is so gorgeous at night, all lit up!


Plymouth is definitely one of my fave places to go on holiday, I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a weekend away by the sea!

Hope you liked this post. Lots of love.

Emily xo



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