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I’ve always been one to wear makeup, but being honest I hate having to pay so much every month to top it all up. Paying over £10 for foundation that lasts me 3 weeks or £5 for a lipliner that I can never be bothered to sharpen so don’t end up using feels like such a waste to me.  Sometimes I don’t even bother wearing foundation as I don’t want it to run out. Not having a full time job and being a teenager means I want to save my money for more important things, like a new outfit for a festival.

When I discovered Save on Makeup I was honestly so relieved that I had found a site that sold all the popular makeup brands, for so much cheaper! Believe it or not but this whole set of makeup came to less than £20.  When I go shopping for makeup I usually spend way more, and I know alot of people who buy these brands in shops and pay way more, unnecessarily.

Since I’ve got these makeup products they’re all I’ve been using, I’ve been very impressed with them. The eyeliner is so easy to apply, I’ve found that i actually prefer to use this than a pen liner that I usually go for.

I got the Bourjois Foundation in Beige, the W7 bronzer, the Rimmel eyeliner, Maybelline Mascara and Puff Perfection Powder.

You can buy all of these makeup products from Save on Makeup Here.

Happy shopping!  Lots of love, Emily Xo

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