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Sports// Loungewear Trend

So I’m sure you are all well aware of this sports trend that is coming back around, which I can say so myself, am very excited about! DSC_2498

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Miss Pap loungewear range all over Instagram which is so trendy and looks oh so comfy! DSC_2504DSC_2496

I’m always one to jump into my pyjamas or a pair of trackies at the end of the day, so to be able to wear this trend out and about is the best thing, like ever.


For this post I borrowed my mates Ellesse leggings and hoody because I was just so obsessed. I have wanted an Ellesse outfit for so long now and I keep forgetting to order myself some bits. I’m pretty sure this outfit is available on Asos, and my cap is from JD!


PS. I hope you like my new hair! Lots of love. Em xxx DSC_2468

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