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Staying Organised with Wood Watches

So.. 2016 is getting into the swing of things.. I mean it’s nearly half way through January already?! That’s 1/24 through the year already!!! I think…

Anyway, as 2016 is in full speed.. I know a lot of people will already be feeling the pressure.. whether it’s school, work, or sticking to your new year’s resolution, it is definitely not the best time of year.




To be honest, if you’re like me then you will have a whole load of screenshots of inspirational quotes to tell you to ‘keep going’ or ‘never give up’ that I tell myself I will look at when times get tough, but lets be honest, when things are tough I would rather delve into a tub of ben and jerrys than search my camera roll for a photo that will make me feel even worse.


So, as I’m sure a lot of you are feeling overwhelmed or under a lot of pressure.. I thought I’d give you a few tips on beating the January blues and keeping motivated.

  1. Take it day by day-

We all know how easy it is to look at a photo of a gym bunny and say to ourselves ‘me this time next year’ or look at these ‘millionaire’ pages on Instagram and send a photo of a woman in Louboutins, driving a Range Rover with a Givenchy handbag to your galdem with the caption ‘me in 10 years’ .. However, realistically, these are people who have worked for that body/life for years and years, it’s not going to happen over night. I’ve been attending the gym since I was 16 and have had spurts of telling myself that I would start taking it seriously however have never stuck to it. I think this is because I’m still young and have so many other things to concentrate on, and expected too much, too fast. However, now I’m older and realise what it ultimately takes to get my dream body, I can take each step day by day. I’m not going to be able to go on a 10 mile run everyday, but I have set myself little goals each day such as do 50 squats with a dungbell and increase the weight of the dungbell each day, rather than overwhelm myself thinking I’ve got to get straight into heavy weights and hours of running.



2. Try to distance yourself from social media

Now, this is such a touchy subject. Social media is HUGE, and when I mean huge, to be honest I don’t think we even know the half of it. Knowing that people can make livings from social media is just crazy, and of course I’m not saying to delete your social media altogether. My greatest hobby is social media (if you count blogging as social media) but I think what I’m going to try to do is reduce my hours on social media. To be honest, I don’t think people realise how often they actually spend on their phones, staring at a screen, and it’s not until recently, when it’s been getting colder and I’ve been going out less that I’ve realised my time spent staring at a screen is waaay too long.  For me, this is such a difficult thing to cut myself away from. Whether it’s editing a youtube video, a blog post or simply replying to comments on instagram, it takes time!!! and sooner than later it gets to 9pm in the evening and I’m sat on my phone thinking how much work I have got to get done by the next day, when I could have done it in the last 2 hours I spend scrolling through twitter. So whether it be you set a time limit on how often you go on your phone, or you don’t take your phone into your bedroom so it’s not the last thing you look at before you go to bed and not the first thing you look at when you wake up (something I’m working on..it’s very hard) setting small goals like this can make such a difference.


3. Spend your time wisely

Once again, time is a major thing for me. I’m so so guilty of wasting time. I don’t even like to watch movies because I feel as though I’d be wasting 3 hours of my life that i’ll never get back!? Bad I know. lol.

Sometimes I forget that I shouldn’t feel guilty for time I spend enjoying myself, but I hate unproductive days. I feel so so guilty going to bed feeling as though I’ve wasted a day, and I decided that this needs to change.  From now on, I am going to spend my time wisely. I don’t like watching films, so I am not going to waste time watching them, simple. Unless it’s mean girls or twilight.. I always have time for them.



Now, this may seem soooo obvious, but for me, organisation is KEY. Ask any of my friends, I am the organiser. I always used to keep a diary and write my whole day down however i got bored of that so wrote on pieces of paper the best things that had happened that day and chucked them in a Nike Box (much more creative, and fun). Then at the end of the year i would pick them out and it would make me smile remembering the little things i had forgotten. This has got nothing to do with organisation but i just thought they were cute ideas you could use to record memories, if like me, you forget everything good that happens lolssss.


Anyway, back to organisation. When it comes to the weekend, I pretty much think to myself that I have 48hours of time i could spend watching Netflix and YouTube videos, or I could use this time wisely. As people say ‘ A Sunday well spent, leads to a week of content’ which I LOVE. Sunday’s are definitely my day to pull together all the content I had shot that week and get it posted, or ready to post throughout the week. I usually write everything down on a piece of paper the night before so that I can have a visual image of what needs to get done. I am also an early-bird so waking up at 9am (at the very latest) on weekends and starting my day with a healthy breakfast always helps.



It may sound silly, but I also find that keeping a watch on me at all times really helps with my organisation. I am in love with this watch I received from WoodWatches by Jord as it is so different from other watches on the market! The wood detail makes it look so unique and adds so much character to your outfit! I love styling it up with roll neck thick jumpers, it is definitely my staple accessory for this winter!

Jord Watches have so many different watches available, and they also come with a wooden box to store in- so handy! It’s such a gorgeous product that I honestly wear pretty much everyday, so couldn’t recommend it more!

You can find my exact watch Here


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