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Summer Skirt// Blue Vanilla


I hate to say it.. But summer is slowly disappearing.  Autumn is just around the corner which makes me very sad, however it is coming up to my favourite month of the year.. September. I always find September so exciting as it’s the start of a new school year (sad I know- but I do like school. Plus new year, means one year closer to leaving) September is also my BIRTHDAY. This year is extra special as I TURN 18! So so excited. So yeah, even though Summer is sadly coming to an end, I always like to find the positives out of it.

Anyways onto this outfit.. I thought it fitted well as it’s a summer outfit but also has an Autumny vibe (i don’t know if that’s a word -lets just go with it).  I am such a big fan of Culottes and midi skirts however don’t get round to wearing them much as I find they only fit in with certain occasions. I found when trying on this skirt from Blue Vanilla that it was easy to dress up with a pair of heels or dress down with some sandals and a black jacket for a day look.

It’s an unusual skirt as it doesn’t feel skintight like most outfits I wear, it’s loose and floaty so looks very cute with some heels! I would say it’s perfect for a wedding or christening, or in the winter you could even get away with pairing it with a light cropped jumper for a more cool look.

I decided to pair this skirt with my gorgeous blue strappy Ego heels which you guys can also use my code EMILYFASH10 for a discount! Xo

Hope you like this outfit.

You can get the skirt from Blue Vanilla Here.

Lots of love

Emily xo








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