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Vintage Tee



Those of you who know me/ follow my style, know that I love anything vintage. I am forever rummaging through my mum’s wardrobe searching for anything vintage, and of course as you will know from previous posts, I LOVE charity shops. You can always find something quirky and vintage. So a few months ago when I was doing my monthly scan through my charity shops I came across this vintage Nike tee. I’m sure you guys have seen how old nike, adidas and puma clothes are now coming back around, so of course I wanted to hop on that trend. With it being gray, I obviously couldn’t pair it with anything other than my gorgeous over the knee boots. Aren’t they fabulous?! And so comfy too… weird i know.

I’ve now sold this top to someone on my Depop (emilytuttle) however I’ve had a search online and have found some sites that you can buy vintage tops from!



Beyond Retro

Hope you love this outfit! Let me know what you think.

Lots of love,


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